Embroider your Garment Tool Kit

2.000,00 COP

To participate in the exercises and projects of the course, the following tools are required:

  • 1 # 24 blunt needle cloth
  • 1 # 22 chenille needle cloth (large and elongated point), thin and fine point needle to embroider on different fabrics without damaging them; its large eye allows the loading of thick threads or wool.
  • 1 Needle cloth for embroidery # 5 to 10, sharp point. Brand suggeestions: Clover Deluxe hand needle Assortment, DMC, Dritz. The Clover brand is highly suggested for being of better quality on the tip, does not damage the fabric and the edge does not wear out as quickly.
  • 1 Straight or heron point scissors (for embroidery).
  •  1 Fabric scissors
  • 1 Nurge brand 4 "wooden drum.
  • 1 Nurge brand 1" wooden drum
  • 1 Fine point embosser to trace on wax paper without breaking it.
  • 1 dressmaking meter

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