Warsa Linen

Grays lines linen Inc
55.000,00 COP

Linen with a heavy and opaque structure, providing appropriate characteristics for the making of curtains, cushions and tablecloths. Its compact and heavy structure makes it ideal for different gauges  of embroidery. The techniques of flat and interlaced stitch, openwork and rhinestones are possible with this linen.

Origin: Europe

Fabric composition: 100% pure linen

Width of the fabric: 1.50 m- 59 in approx.

Weight per square meter: 470 grams

Sales unit: 0.50 meters

Washing instructions:

  • Machine wash in cold and gentle cycle, dry naturally.
  • Hand wash with cold water, do not twist and dry naturally.
  • Ironing should be done at medium temperature

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